Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Seymour Visiting Family

Tuesday late afternoon

I am trying to make Seymour's days enjoyable. This morning, I took both dogs around our neighborhood in their stroller again. It was only about 34 degrees but we were all bundled up and I needed a little stress reducer. The dogs just needed a change of scenery. I let Seymour walk when we got back to our front yard. It is difficult for him, but he managed to walk about 30 ft. to the front door.

I headed out alone to get him more dog food that he didn't have to chew. He has to eat it off of a spoon, but at least he can eat it. When I got home, my daughter said that her newborn August (Augie) was awake and we could come visit. Seymour loves babies, Zooey, not so much. I wanted Seymour to meet Augie. I couldn't choose between the following pictures of Augie and Seymour. I will cherish them both.

The sweet thing was that when it was time to go, I stood Seymour in her yard and after he managed to do a little "business" he tried to head right back to Shan's front door. Maybe we will visit again tomorrow.

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