Sunday, March 22, 2015

Status Quo

Seymour and I are both at the same level we were on Thursday- I am still sick and he is functioning the same.  I wonder how much more function he will get back?  He can walk pretty quickly - when he want to - on his stiff back legs.  He regularly climbs the 3 steps to the back porch and the sofa without help but I wouldn't let him try to climb to the second floor of our house right now, and I am not sure he will ever be able to do that on his own without possibly falling.

 He is eating everything now and loves to chew rawhide bones.  I am questioning  if he only hears out of one ear because he still can't always know where a sound is coming from unless he is right beside it.  He sometimes just stops and seems to be staring, but then he comes out of it and continues with whatever he was going to do.  His bark is still very hoarse and would not scare anyone.  Zooey makes up for it though.  Even with his disabilities, he is still the Seymour I love.  He wants to lay beside me.  He follows me into the bathroom, hoping that means a walk is in the near future and he lets me dress him in whatever fashion I want. Unconditional love!

I, on the other hand, hope to be functioning and sleeping better soon.  I went to Target to get a recommendation from the pharmacist on what I could be taking and unfortunately, she gave suggestions of things I have already tried. I still bought up most of the cold and flu isle.  I switch between natural remedies and drugs, hoping to find the cure.  I am not a patient sick person!

I am glad the the dogs help me to keep my attention on something besides myself.  I am a bit boring right now.  More, and hopefully more exciting updates in a couple of days.  I am also still searching for a new blog program that will allow me to post pictures again.


  1. So, you're saying you're not a patient patient?