Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crate Update and Beginning to Pack

Well, I was very proud of how quickly Seymour learned to quietly stay in his zipped crate all night - and then he learned something else. He realized that when he went into his crate in the early evening, he was prime for me zipping him in it and carrying it up to bed. After three nights he decided that he wasn't going to going in his crate in the evening; he hides under the bed. All day he will stay in his crate but obviously he wants his freedom at night. Why are they such quick learners on things you don't want them to learn? We still haven't mastered the pee pad.

On to starting to pack - A couple weeks ago I started gathering things I wanted to pack and actually tested them to be sure they fit in the suitcase. Today, I had to take them out because I needed to hem a couple pair of pants. As I looked at what I had packed, I started rejecting most of the clothes and adding new things.

Seymour is set with:
2 sweaters
2 folding doggie bowls
3 rolls of poop bags
His leash
Small bag of Doggie Chicken Tenders - at least I'm going to try to take that.
His crate with his sling used as a blanket in it.
His favorite doggie toy - a small stuffed cow he stole from my newborn grandson. I did get my grandson a replacement.
Some pee pads that I'll use to line his crate and keep an extra in the crate pocket; and
His Doggie passport (health records)

This is the carry-on I'm going to use for the trip - our only luggage!

My clothes, so far will include:
1 skirt
2 pairs of pants
1 pair of capri pants
8 shirts (or less)
1 sweater
4 pair underwear (3 are supposed to be quick wash/dry)
knit hat and gloves
1 pair of fold up shoes
1 pair of walking shoes (besides the ones I'll be wearing)
1 nightgown
1 pair of silk long underwear
3 pair of socks, stockings
1 towel
1 bar of soap that is supposed to be good to wash body and hair
1 silk sleep sack
1 neck pillow (blow up)
1 quart bag of makeup, etc.
A few other extras

BTW, I am rolling all clothes and I think it makes it much easier to fit more into the suitcare.

Electronics will probably include:
iPad with keyboard
small phone I bought to use in Italy
Small camera that will do some video
Chargers/Italian converter
GPS - I used when I was there 4 years ago for walking around and I just updated the maps. I can't function without my GPS.

This list will probably have to be pared down once I try to fit everything into my carry-on.

I will wear jeans, a shirt, and a coat on the plane. I may have to layer more clothes that don't fit into my luggage!

Somewhere I'll have to keep my paperwork, passport, travel book (although I will have a couple on my iPad)and a notebook.

Time is flying -

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