Thursday, August 25, 2011

Health Records Complete for Pet's Trip to Italy

I don't know what I am going to do with my time now that Seymour has all of his vets visits and health records completed! We had our last visit to the Vet on Tuesday when he had to be checked for parasites, fleas and other gross stuff. We purchased a 3 month supply of heartworm/flea pills to take with us. The Vet was great. He and his overseas specialist, Ann Marie reviewed all of the paperwork and went above and beyond with making sure it was right. Besides all of the health exams, the hardest thing was getting used to writing the date the European way: DD-MM-YYYY. Then we had to remind the Vet to sign things in blue ink. I brought my own blue pen, just in case. The vet visit was more expensive this time because they charged me for the time it took to complete the paperwork. I do understand that.

Wednesday I made copies of most of the forms and called the USDA to make sure we had everything we needed. The man mentioned another form that I had never heard of and told me to check with the airline to see if it was needed. So, I called AirFrance and they said that as long as I had something from the doctor saying he was healthy to fly we were OK. I also made sure Seymour still had his reservation. They had him listed as a "5 pound chihuahua". Although he is 7 pounds, he is still well within the weight limit to fly under the seat.

I then headed to the USDA office. I am so lucky to live near one of the offices. I don't think I would get the paperwork back in time, otherwise. They ended up taking most of the paperwork I had in my folder even though they really only needed the form 998 and the Certificate of his Rabies Vaccination. I hope I get it all back! They did ask me when Seymour had been microchipped and when he had his rabies vaccination. I had researched this and knew that he had to have his microchip BEFORE or the same day as the rabies shot. Otherwise, he would need an additional rabies vaccination.

Besides the Health Records, the USDA also needed $36.00. I paid by charge because I didn't want the paperwork held up waiting for the check to clear. They told me that the turn-around time to get the certification done was 24-48 hours and that it was better for me to come back and pick it up than for them to mail it. So, I got home and accidently left my cell phone in the car. This morning I retrieved my phone and there had been a message from the USDA that the paperwork was done. That message came yesterday afternoon, probably 1 hour after I got home. Talk about fast! The USDA is about an hour away in downtown Austin, so I plan to go back this afternoon to get it.

We will finally have Seymour ready to go to Italy. But I still won't relax until he is officially on the plane!

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  1. Seymour gaining a couple of pounds, eh? You'll have to walk a lot in Italy - get that puppy in shape!
    I can't believe how complicated it is to take a dog to Europe. Imagine how safe flying would be if people had to go through all of this documentation! Of course, nobody would fly then. sigh.