Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pee Pads and Airline Crate Training

There is good news and bad news. The good news is that Seymour took to his crate pretty quickly. I have had it in the living room for about a month and after I took the hard floor out of it, he has decided that it is his favorite place to rest.

So I went one step further; I zipped him in it and placed the crate on the bed beside me. He usually curls up next to me, and had those questioning eyes for a time the first night, but finally settled in. He has now been sleeping in his zipped crate for the past 3 nights and he is doing great. So far, he's been in it for about 9 hours straight and when I unzip it, he comes out reluctantly. I'm thinking that he may do OK on the plane.

As to the pee pads - well, they are working as well as the silent whistle I purchased to get him to stop barking. He has other ideas what both of those things are for. The silent whistle works great to get him to come to me, but has no affect on his barking.

The pee pads are a great place to sleep on, but not "mess up" with, well, pee. I first put the pad on the back porch and opened the doggie door from the house so he could only go to the porch if he had to "go". It didn't work - he held it. Then I moved the pad to the yard and put an old twig on it - one of his favorite things to "wet". He knows the word "pee" and will usually do it when I ask. But not on the pee pad. I think he likes the softness of it. When I put him on the pad and point to the twig and say "pee", he looks and me and then lays down - on the pad. We've been working with the pads for a couple of weeks and so far, nothing is happening. I was hoping to teach him to use them so I could take one into the rest room and put it on the floor for him to use. This is going to sound gross but my next idea to to put some other dog's poop on the pad (not at all hard to find around here) and see what he does. I'm not giving up!

We still need to make our final appointment at the vets and pick up his completed health records to take to the USDA. I plan to do that this week.

A little over 2 weeks until takeoff!

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