Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Catching Up - Shelton, Washington

I made it to my sister's early this evening and am catching up with my blog while lying in a real bed. I will add pictures tomorrow. If you ever want to take a trip west, the area from just north of Redding, CA to Weed, CA (yep, and I didn't ask) was breath-taking. You go through the Shasta National forest where miles of pine trees are covering the mountains and you see snow covered Mount Shasta in the distance. Everywhere I looked was like a postcard.

The other beautiful place I saw was Oregon, from the California border to Portland. I was afraid that I wouldn't see fall foliage but Oregon had all colors of leaves. The reds were vibrant. The trees linen the rivers and reflected in the water. I wished there were scenic overlooks where I could stop to take pictures. I will add a few tomorrow.

Last night I stayed in another casino parking lot. It was free but had no electricity. They did have a nice dog walk that Seymour mainly appreciated. Zooey was happy to be carried. I met some nice folks who were camping there and planned to go crabbing today. Yumm.

I was finally getting pretty tired today and about 1 1/2 hours from my sisters, I really had to push myself to go the rest of the way. It will be nice having a few days off the road.

Odds and ends-

I still haven't figured out why my dashboard lights don't work. I turned every knob I found. One man told me to just use a flashlight, and I probably will have to, although my sister's husband said he will look at it.

My rear view mirrors still flop around but at least I can keep re-adjusting the one on the driver's side. I had a couple of close calls changing lanes but normally I am very cautious. That's not bad for a 2500 mile road trip - so far.

The highest price gas I paid was $4.29 in Southern California. That hurt!

It was nice stopping for coffee or a meal in Oregon and not having to pay tax. That is the place to shop for big ticket items. Fortunately or unfortunately, I didn't have the room or the finances to do that.

In Oregon, you cannot pump your own gas, unless you buy it on an Indian Reservation. They just changed that law to exempt Indian Reservations last year. And the gas on those Reservations is less expensive.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Glad you're there and safe. Can't wait to see pics.