Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What a Day, Part 2

First, people have been telling me that they have tried to post comments and couldn't. I am not sure what the problem is.

Skip this paragraph if you don't want to read about a medical problem. I have been fighting a UTI for almost a week. I drank cranberry juice and took cranberry pills but it didn't help much. Let me tell you that driving with a UTI isn't fun or easy. Rest areas are way too far apart and there is nowhere along the highway to pull over to use my little on board bathroom. By the time I got to Heyburn I was really miserable and was looking up nearby medical clinics. I also checked other home remedies and saw that blueberries are better than cranberries and drinking a teaspoon of baking soda in water could also help. So this morning I went back to Walmart and got their last package of blueberries and some baking soda. I spent the drive going between drinking baking soda water and looking for rest rooms. I am feeling a bit better but have not ruled out a medical clinic yet.

Anyway, I decided to see if I could cut down the miles home by looking at a shorter route. The fastest route was over 2600 miles. This morning I was at about 1960 miles. I changed the setting to "Shortest route" and it came up the same as the fastest route. So I figured there was only one way home per my GPS.

I drove the rest of the way through Idaho and the scenery got much nicer. There were mountain ranges on both sides. BTW, the speed limit was 75. We then got into Utah and the mountain ranges were even more majestic. The speed limit went up to 80! I can barely get my van to 71 and driving up and down the mountains, we were lucky to hit 60. It was a bit stressful. Just as I was getting into Ogden, Utah, I saw a flash of a sentence on my GPS that said "Alternate route can save you 250 miles". What? I tried to hit it and the sentence went away. I finally pulled over and went into my settings and it already said "shortest route", but I pushed the Save button and now the new, shorter route displayed. I guess I hadn't Saved it! So it took me on the public streets through Ogden and Salt Lake City; red light after red light. But I wasn't in a hurry and enjoyed seeing the towns and the mountains.

Finally we got to I5 which was a highway and it was rush hour. I do not like Salt Lake City rush hour traffic. It took over an hour to get out of town.

Now it was getting late and I wanted to find a place to stay. I asked my GPS and it directed me through subdivision streets to a kids playground! It was getting later but it didn't look like there was another place to stay for at least 50 miles - up and down steep mountain passes. Finally, the GPS told me there was an RV park in Helper, Utah. I followed the stupid GPS again, through all unpaved roads, past a statue of the worlds largest coal miner and ended up stranded in a muddy, unpaved street. The streets looked like the Wild West. I have never seen anything like it. I saw a man and got out to ask about an RV park. He looked bewildered. He said that some people park by the side of the highway. I thanked him and bounced down the dirt roads out of town.

I was starting to look for my flashlight so I could see my dashboard lights. I continued driving and saw another RV park sign. Should I believe it? It was Regency Inn and RV Park in Price, Utah. It had AAA on the sign so I took a chance. I will have to take a picture tomorrow. It does have electricity, a bath house and wifi and cost about $29. I am just happy to be parked, and not along side of the highway! Oh, and now I think we are about 1,375 miles from home.

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Location:Price, Utah

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