Monday, October 14, 2013

Goodbye to Van Nuys

Goodbye to Aaron, Calvin, Lars and Otto. Love their cute house.

And will miss Calvin talking about his Dad's "Beemer", but we are off to Washington. My son texted me this morning and said Calvin is still asking for Seymour. He doesn't seem to remember mine or Zooey's names, though ;-)

So, Aaron aired up my tires and we headed out at about 10 am. Traffic in the Van Nuys area wasn't very heavy. It seemed that it wasn't long before we were climbing some big mountains. I knew they were going to be high when I saw a sign that said "Radiator water 1 mile ahead". It was a bit scary because I didn't know how Meryl (my van) would do since she was from Florida! She did great. I watched the gauges and the water temp barely increased.

The terrain was desert and mountains but there were were also acres of citrus farms and cattle ranches. Again, there were very few cities. It is strange to know that there is so much open land when our population is more than 315 million people. Spread out, folks!

Tis was the view from the Tejan rest stop. They had nice grassy areas for the dogs to walk.

I started looking ahead on my GPS ( yes I have a map but haven't looked at it) and saw that I would be driving through Redding, CA. I used to consult there and I knew there was a pet friendly casino nearby. When I first started writing my blog, I talked with them and found that they had a campground and dog kennels. I decided to drive a little longer to get to it last night. The sun was setting before I arrived there and I noticed that I didn't have dashboard lights. I knew I was almost out of gas, but I couldn't see that gauge, or my speedometer. I am sure there is a way to turn them on, but I haven't figured it out yet.

The campground at Rolling Hills Casino is OK. They planted shrubs between the sites but there are no restrooms here. You have to go to the Clubhouse for bathroom and showers. I packed up my shower supplies and headed there this morning and found that they charge $4 to shower for people who have already paid $28 to camp. I am pretty pissed. This is the only Casino campground I have been to that does that. So stupid! I won't be coming back here for that reason. I might as well have parked for free at one of the other Casino parking lots in the area because the only thing I got for my money was electricity and wifi. I am taking a deep breath now . . .

We are a little over 600 miles from my sister's house and we should be there by tomorrow afternoon. I wish the national parks were open so we could enjoy one tonight. Not sure where we will end stay tonight.

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  1. Susan,
    You may have "turned down" the lights on your dashboard by mistake - either by turning a knob up or down, or by thinking you were turning something else on or off (like your brights, or something). Otherwise, it may just be a fuse. $4 for a shower! Yikes! (I bet you're not that stinky anyway, right?) Keep these posts coming!