Thursday, October 10, 2013

We Have Arrived!

This morning when we left the Casino, the weather was beautiful, for about 30 minutes. Then the winds started up again and there were signs to watch for sand storms. Mountains of sand were everywhere along the road. In fact we passed a place called Imperial Dunes and it consisted of high sand dunes and a small man made canal on one side of the road. It looked like a place people would do 4 wheeling. I took a picture out of my van window. It doesn't do it justice; it was really pretty.

The winds got stronger and I saw hundreds of wind turbines, so I am assuming the winds are high, at least in this part of Southern California year round. Here are some of the turbines we passed.

Finally we got out of the wind and into the California traffic. More gripping of the steering wheel as crazy drivers passed me on both sides. Speed limits don't seem to mean anything here, even those posted in work areas. I forgot to mention that my rear view mirrors flip in to the van as I drive so I pretty much have no visibility at least on my right side. I open the drivers side window to flip the mirror out but it only stays for a few seconds. I will ask my son to see if he can fix it.

We made a rest stop and for the second time on this trip I have ordered breakfast for lunch at Jack in the Box. The dogs are happy to get the bacon and I am happy to eat the rest.

Finally, we made it to my son's house. I was nervous at how alpha Seymour would do with my son's dogs. After initial growling all around, I put Seymour down. He pranced around he yard leaving his mark where ever he could and my son's dogs Otto and Lars followed behind him doing the same.

Zooey didn't want down so Aaron and I took turns carrying her. Yes, she is spoiled!

My grandson Calvin warmed up to me and my dogs pretty quickly. He is quite the cute little boy and has his daddy wrapped around his finger. Calvin also really loves all the dogs and kept asking where each was when he couldn't see them.

He also loves cars, and sun glasses, just like his dad.

It was a fun day. The dogs and I are now enjoying being in the camper in my son's driveway. We have electricity and Internet, so it will be a good night. Very happy to not be driving for the next few days. But then we are off to Washington State.

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  1. your son is very handsome. I'm so happy that you had this opportunity to spend time with them. Take care my friend ..Enjoy the views in Washington!! Wish I was there! mary

  2. Way back in ancient times I drove through a sand storm in So. Cal. that lasted for hours. When I arrived at my parents house the paint had been sandblasted down to the bare metal on several areas of my Austin Healy Sprite. -g