Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Day on the Road

Here are pictures from the drive through New Mexico. Desert and rock formation I liked.

As I mentioned yesterday, it was so great to find the Waylon Jennings Free RV Park last night. I was the only one there and it felt safe - although I did sleep with my Wasp Spray beside me! Pictures of the RV Park. It looked better in person.

When I was driving near Slaton, Texas I saw a sign that read "Aspire to Inspire before you Expire". If I was a tattoo type of gal, I would get that.

We then stopped in Post, Texas. It was a very clean and cute downtown area. I like their slogan "Sit a Spell in Post, TX" and then they had various painted lawn chairs sitting in the grassy areas around town.

We stopped a few more times and at one rest stop, I was a bit surprised to see the Pet Area. Really, was it only a 4X4 space with a fire hydrant?

Neither of my dogs would go near it. They preferred the grassy area nearby.

But the big news is - I am home! I decided to drive the 460 miles today since I went to bed last night by 8:30 and got up at 6:15. Even with cleaning the camper and walking the dogs, I was on the road before 8:30.

I have one more post tomorrow, for anyone that is interested in my additional notes from the trip. I did find my notebook. The dogs are thrilled to be home. I am too tired to realize I am home,

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