Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What a Day!

As you can see I finally have wifi. A little recap and it will be little, because I can't find my notebook with my tidbits of info I write.

I-84 from Washington border to the Dalles, Oregon was my favorite. I wish I had gone that way toward the end of the day because I have never seen so many State Parks on one road. Everything was scenic but there were no scenic overlooks to stop and take pictures.

I don't know if this was Mt Rainer or Mt St Helen but it was exciting seeing this as I was driving.

This was at a rest stop in Oregon. Sorry, no notes as to which.

It was a long, desert drive through Idaho. I couldn't find a place to stay so I finally stopped at a Walmart and asked if I could camp overnight in their parking lot. They were really friendly and said "certainly", but I decided to check the Allstays app and found a place a few miles away. I wasn't in Boise as I thought yesterday in my tired stupor. I was in Heyburn. The RV park looked like it was part of the city park. There was a sports field on one side and a picnic area and walking trail on the other. The bath house was in the city park and had a sign that said the showers were for RV customers only. It felt a little weird to be taking my towel and shampoo into the city park restroom but I really needed a shower.

The Snake River was next to the city park and we had a really nice view.

This morning I met a sweet old couple coming out of "my", I mean "the city park" restroom and I asked them if there was something I should see around there. They told me to go to Twin Falls and see the bridge where a lot of people bungee jump and the falls. I had missed the exit the night before and had to back track for over 40 minutes, but it was worth it. The Hansen Bridge was originally build in 1919 for $100,000 but only was wide enough for 2 buggies. It was replaced later. Before the bridge the only way to get across 'twas by row boat. Looking at the depth of the gorge, I can't imagine crossing in a boat to even building this bridge. It was awesome; so worth seeing.

We then went on to the Twin Falls. Getting to it was scary because it was a narrow switch back road with a drop off on one side. I didn't go the whole way down but I walked the dogs most of the rest of the way. Another beautiful sights. There were small waterfalls coming out of the rocks as well as the larger twin falls. Oh, I just saw that my "automatic camera setting " didn't get the picture of the twin falls! Seriously!

This is getting long so I will put the rest of my "fun day" today on Part 2.

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