Saturday, October 12, 2013

Visiting Family in Van Nuys, CA

On Friday, we mostly hung around the house. I did go with my son to take Calvin to school on Friday. He cried when he was dropped off, but was perfectly happy when he was picked up. My son, Aaron is great with his son and the dogs. It's nice to see.

His crazy dog, Otto (and he really is crazy) has been better this trip. He only tried to attack me once. But he has been fine with both Zooey and Seymour. He just periodically growls and bares his teeth and it scares the heck out of me. Lars, his other dog is very sweet and will put Otto in his place, when he feels he needs to.

My grandson Calvin is almost always happy and asks to watch Futurama quite a bit. So, we watched a lot of that show.

Here he is with me during one of the few times he wasn't running around.

And here he is having fun with his Dad.

I started cleaning out my van, but it is not close to being clean yet. I don't know how I got it so cluttered in less than a week. But the good news is that I did drop off Christmas gifts for my son and his family, so I have a bit more space in the back. Once I get to Washington the rest of the Christmas gifts will be delivered. Not bad for October!

Today I asked my son to take us to Grauman's Chinese Theater because I wanted to take a picture of my dogs with Lassie's star. I didn't realize that the stars probably go a couple miles down Hollywood Blvd but we happened to park about a block away from Lassie's star. There were no paw prints, unfortunately.

And here is Jack Benny. Seymour was not impressed.

Unfortunately, we never made it all the way to the theater because it was 11 more blocks from Hollywood and Vine and Zooey was acting like a she-devil the whole trip! I have no idea what was wrong with her, but she kicked and tried to get away from the time we got in the car until we finally got home. She is now sleeping next to me like nothing happened. Grrrrr.

By the way, Grauman's now houses the worlds largest IMAX theater and is now owned by a Chinese Tech company. And it's now called the TCL IMAX Chinese Theater.

We did see this cool mural on the side of a building. It is supposed to be of famous movie stars in a theater but it's difficult to see. I recognized some of them.

Tonight we are eating at home and I want my son to check the pressure in my tires before I leave in the morning. We didn't get the mirrors fixed but I got this far with them flapping around, so I am used to it. I might at least try to replace the lock on one upper cabinet once i get to Washington so I can again put my cups and glasses in it.

I'll write more once we hit he road tomorrow unless something exciting happens.

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  1. Trying to leave a comment! It seems like it is having some problems! Love the pics! -Shannon

  2. Hi!! Im still at Shipleys where they have the free wifi.
    It is so good to see these pictures. Thank you for sharing. Safe travels to you guys! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Susan! I've been reading the posts. Wonderful stuff. Of course, I worry when you're fighting winds or traffic, or struggling to find a good place to stay. I am anxious to hear about where you are now and how it all went. The Star Party sounded wonderful. I'll want to know more about your notes. So glad to hear your mileage is pretty good. The pics of Aaron and Calvin are great. (Especially the one of Calvin in his Grammaw's lap.) Stay safe! Love, Joan