Saturday, October 19, 2013

One More Day in Shelton, WA

Yesterday, my sister and I took her dogs to be boarded and hit up a couple of casinos. It was my lucky day. I won $300 at one and over $800 at another playing slot machines! Yes, I did put some back in the machines but came home with a fuller wallet. The thrill of the win - finally!

I took a few pictures of our dogs but didn't get a family picture of my sister, her husband and her dogs.

This is little a Skipper. 18 years old and sweet as can be.

Here are Abby, Penny, Seymour and Zooey wondering around my sister's bedroom. It is where we all gather in comfy chairs to drink coffee and read the paper in the morning. BTW, my sister heated up my cup for coffee and put my bath towel in the dryer to heat it for my shower. I have been spoiled!

Here is Abby sitting up for my sister. I am not sure she wants anything except a little attention.

My sister and Art left this morning on a trip and I decided to stay here one more day. It is nice to relax, do some laundry, clean the camper, etc. before we start out tomorrow. Art gave me a book light to use if I end up driving at night because it looks like the switch to my dash lights is broken. Hopefully it will be rare for me to drive at night.

I do want to try to get some pictures of the lake/ Puget Sound near their house. It really is a pretty area.

Now I just need to look at a map to see how to get home!

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