Saturday, October 26, 2013

Two Good Things Today

We stayed in Albuquerque, NM last night and my good old GPS took me thru side streets to save miles. I saw an oil change place and got oil changed, fluids filled, tires aired and a safety check of all lights - of course that didn't include my non existent dash lights. So I felt good about my camper, Meryl.

Then the GPS took me on I 84 thru some dismal parts of New Mexico and Texas. I was starting to worry about finding a place to stay when I arrived in Littleton, the birthplace of Waylon Jennings. I saw a camper sign on the highway and followed it to - "Waylon Jennings Free RV Park". No one is here except a trailer with the Waylon RV Park on the side. I was surprised that it has electric hook ups and water. I will take a picture. There is no wifi so I am writing this from my phone. Pictures on next blog if I have wifi.

I am so happy tonight!

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