Thursday, October 10, 2013

No Internet again last night so 2 separate entries today.

I could probably now one any jar you gave me, thanks to forearms that were worked to capacity trying to keep the van on the road all day Wednesday. Southern New Mexico and Arizona are not only void of life, but also void of rest stops. There were few places to pull off the road so I had to drive through heavy wind and dust for about 300 miles. Now I miss the boring Texas landscape with little wind or dust. There were times that the mountains around me almost disappeared in the dust. I had a choice between winding the front windows down a little to help keep the wind from knocking us off the road, but filling the van with dust, or keeping the windows closed and pouring all of my strength into holding the van somewhat steady. I went back and forth with my choice so the van now needs a good dusting. And I can now open most any jar.

We did finally find a small town and we all needed a rest stop. It is called Gila Bend, AZ. We stopped at a gas station/restaurant/convenience store/Mexican Market. Inside it said "home to 1700 friendly people and 5 grouches. Make that 6, but lucky for them, we weren't staying.

Seymour was a trouper. He just slept in his crate and never bothered me. Zooey continued to want to hop in my lap and then hop back off over and over. I don't know what she was trying to tell me!

Because we were driving so close to the border, we had to stop at the border patrol areas 3 times. Of course Seymour had to bark at their drug dogs! That made me worry because I remembered that I had some bananas with me and I think you can't take produce into California. Luckily we weren't searched, no thanks to Mr. Seymour.

I had some problem finding a place to stay because there was just nothing around, but finally I saw a Casino with RV parking on my Allstays app. It was actually in Southern California. This Casino was in the middle of nowhere, but on our route. When we got there, I asked if they had any RV spaces with electric open. She said that actually they didn't have any RV spots but they did have water outside and we could park in their parking lot. It was late, I was tired, and it was a Casino, so we found a place in their mostly empty parking lot and stayed the night.

The casino was called Red Earth and is pretty basic looking but had slot machines so I was happy for a couple of hours.

They did have a gas station with inexpensive gas, by California standards. I paid $3.56. I haven't checked my gas mileage again but I would think it went down quite a bit when I was fighting those winds. But we were now less than 200 miles from my son's house. Even with California traffic, I knew we would get there Thursday.

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Location:Day 3 Arizona - High Winds and Dust Storms


  1. Hey popeye! We paid 2.99 coming back from Dallas yesterday! But 3.56 sounds great for California! mary

    1. Wow, that is a great price. I haven't seen anything as low as Texas out here. I miss my money :)