Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Little Better

Last night and this morning, when I took Seymour outside, he peed on his own. Not with his leg up, but with a squat. Not bad. I accidentally gave him more of his medicine that he was supposed to get, so I hope I haven't harmed him. I need to read the instructions more thoroughly!

Seymour is still working on his walking, especially when I leave the room. Can we say "co-dependent"? I'll take half of the blame :-). When he walks, the back part of his body wants to go in a different direction from the front. I hope that improves.

Both dogs ended up sleeping with me during the night. And both did the same thing when I said "Do you want to go outside and go potty?"

"We can't hear you" . . .

I am hoping for continued improvement. The next thing I am waiting for, with a bit of trepidation, is when Seymour finally has a bowel movement. He has eaten quite a bit and nothing has come out yet!

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