Saturday, March 14, 2015

Shopping Trip

We took our first shopping trip since Seymour got sick. We went to pet friendly Home Depot. Seymour walked from the car to the store and was eager to get in the cart. His back legs are still too weak for him to stand on two legs like Zooey.

He did go up the steps to the sofa twice and once went up the 3 steps from the yard to the porch, but he has also fallen when he has tried, so he is a bit scared to do it. It is something I need to work on with him.

He walks all over the back yard and Zooey now is the instigator of getting into trouble. I left them in my fenced back yard for about 10 minutes and when I came out they were nowhere in sight. I called them and Seymour slowly came out from under the shed but Zooey took her good old time coming out. Why do they easily learn each other's bad habits?

One other little bit of progress. Twice now, I have seen Seymour lift his back leg an inch or so when he went peed. So, I guess it will just take time to get strength back in his back legs. I am happy with how far he has come.

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Location:Dripping Springs, Texas


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted. All good news indeed -- even the under-the-shed part.

  2. It it so uplifting to follow Seymour's progress.