Thursday, March 19, 2015

Too Much Informatiom?

I still can't get BlogPress to work, so no photos for now.

Monday night, Seymour wanted to sleep with me, as usual.  He had been given new meds at the vets and I put him back on the anti diarrhea medicine.  He sleeps on a pee pad - mostly.  One issue he has been having recently is that he doesn't seem to be able to hold his bowel movement very long.  He sits up in bed ( I can feel him get up), his eyes get big, and before I can run with  him out of the house, he has already started going.  The first two times he got the majority of a regular poo on the pad, but I had to change the sheet.

The next two times - yes four times during the night - he had majorly runny diarrhea, so I changed blankets and the sheet again.

Last night I decided not to take a chance so I set up a portable enclosure for him with his bed and blankets, a large pee pad and food and water.  He wasn't excited but at least he could see me because I was only about 5 feet away.  We live in a "cozy-sized" house. He had no accidents.

Last night he is sitting beside his bed in the enclosure looking at me like a prisoner but when I didn't give in, he went to his bed and slept until about 3:30 am.

I think all of the stress of the last month finally got to me, because I have now been sick for 4 days with no sign of improvement.  Zooey is the only healthy one left in the house and luckily she isn't requiring any extra attention.

The fun never stops.

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