Thursday, March 12, 2015

Seymour's Still Doing Well

Progress has slowed down, but Seymour walks, eats, likes to go for a car ride and a stroller ride. Three times I left him on the sofa while I got the mail, etc. Three times he was at the door to look for me. I finally saw him use the steps to the sofa. He is a bit clumsy, but makes it down the steps.

He won't even attempt to go up stairs. I think his back legs are still too weak.

Friends of ours, Mary and Rick, came to visit yesterday. Both dogs have stayed with them and both dogs love them. I think it gave Seymour a boost to see them. Zooey, who is usually cautious around most people, went right up to both of them demanding attention. I wish they lived closer!

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  1. That's 3 small steps for Seymour; one giant leap for recovery!

  2. Forgot to sign previous post.

  3. God bless EACH of you mightily and may your sweet, precious baby continue to recover fully.

  4. Precious ones. Cherish all your time...

  5. It was so good to see Seymour and Zooey! I miss living close to you guys! love mary