Monday, March 16, 2015

Vet Visit Update

Well, the good news is that Seymour really is doing better than most. His diarrhea is probably caused by the Prednisone and the fact that he wasn't on anti diarrhea meds. They said use them until they ran out, but obviously Seymour needed more. So he is back to 4 meds twice a day, with 1/4 pill instead of 1/2 of the Prednisone. I stopped the pain meds and he doesn't seem to miss it. Don't want an addicted dog! Luckily, he is good about taking his pills in a blob of Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese spread. Zooey gets her own blob of pill-less cheese.

During this visit, he was also given the third drug they use to treat Meningitis, which is Cytarabine. He will have to go back for more treatments and check ups for about 9 months. His next visit is scheduled in 3 weeks. The neurologist said that there is about a 10% chance that the Meningitis could return and she just saw a dog this morning whose Meningitis came back about 9 months after his first bout. I am hoping that Seymour is in the 90% category.

Currently Seymour's blood work looks good. I guess that this will become the year of taking care of Seymour. Hopefully, it won't stop us from traveling, but maybe not as far from home as usual.

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