Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Small Step

Every small step is important. Seymour is still very skinny and very unbalanced, wobbly and stiff. He still falls a lot but can get up by himself if you give him time.

He hasn't been able to chew so I could only feed him puréed food. Last night he started chewing on a small bone Zooey had accidentally dropped near him. This morning I decided to see if he would chew his favorite in the whole world, a chicken wrapped chew bone from Trader Joes. He went after it!

After about 5 minutes, it tired him out, but he loved it. I now plan to go to the grocery store and get some chicken I can cut into pieces, not puree. He needs to gain weight.

It's a small step but hopefully they will all add up to a full or almost full recovery.

Oh, and the hospital called to check on him again and I admitted that I gave him too much medicine twice when he first came home. She said to watch for blood in his stools but that the excess medicine should be out of his system by now. Scary lesson learned - thoroughly read the instructions!

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  1. Susan, I did some research and it looks like full-fat cottage cheese, eggs, cheese and chicken liver are good to help underweight dogs pick up the pounds. Just a thought -- trying to help.
    Pet those pups!