Sunday, March 8, 2015

Not Much Change

Seymour continues to walk around but he can't walk straight. I will have to find out if that will ever improve. Yesterday, Seymour was on the couch and I went upstairs to find Zooey. When I came back down, Seymour was on the floor. He did it again when I went to the mailbox. I don't know how he is trying to go down the 3 steps I have for the dogs to get on and off of the sofa. I am guessing he goes down one step and falls down the other two. He doesn't even try to go up the steps.

But just in case, when I went out, I took the steps away so he wouldn't try to climb them or fall off of them.

They are now both spoiled by being given chicken instead of dog food. Seymour can chew strips of chicken and still gnaws on his bone a few times during the day.

I continue to be amazed at his progress!

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