Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Miracles Continue

Last night, I had to "help" Seymour pee. This morning, he had peed on his pee pad in his bed, which is good. He whined when he was sleeping in his bed in front of the heater but was fine all night when I put his bed on the sofa bed with me. Zooey was fine, also. Seymour's alien eyes continue.

This morning, after I gave him all of his medicine and fed him, I took him outside and he was able to balance on his front legs to sit up. I am so happy that we set up the canopy since it has been raining and there is now a dry place to set him outside.

I then put him back in his bed beside Zooey's crate in front of the heater and needed to go out to run some errands. I was gone almost an hour and when I got back, Seymour wasn't in his bed. I called for him and he came wobbling out of Zooey's crate and wobbled over to me. What a wonderful surprise! He is walking a bit sideways, but he was walking a little. I took him back outside and he stood up on his own. I need to get a video of it.

I then carried him back to his bed and he got out and came over to try to get on the couch. That was about 6 feet of walking. He saw the steps but couldn't use them - yet. I don't think it will be long before he tries.

He is having amazing gains in less than 24 hours since I thought there was no hope for him. He still has a long way to go, but what a miracle dog he is!

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  1. I cried with joy when I read this post.

  2. G-
    Thank you for your sweet comments. It feels good that people understand and care, S-

  3. Wow! And hooray! Go Seymour. Sending love to you all.

  4. What a tough little guy!! We all love you Seymour! Can't wait to see you again. mary,rick,cooper and shelby