Monday, March 2, 2015

More Bad News

I visited Seymour at about 11:15 am. He has declined so much since I saw him last that I cried. They said his neck is getting affected which is starting to affect his front legs. He really looked like someone with severe cerebral palsy. He didn't look at me and I don't think he could hear me, but when I started to feed him, he lifted his head and looked my way. I know that his eating may just be a function of the steroids. It doesn't look like the medications are helping him.

After discussion with his neurologist (who said she prayed for him last night), we decided to keep him on the medication for one more day. If he doesn't show any signs of improvement, he won't be kept alive any longer. It sounds awful and I am crying while writing, but he has no quality of life now. Not only is my heart broken, but poor Zooey is stressed and can't understand where her buddy is.

The doctor will call me again in the morning. I will hope and pray for a miracle.

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