Monday, March 9, 2015

A Reality Check

Seymour's neurologist called today to check on him. She re-scheduled his appointment until March 19 because (I didn't know this) he needs to come in every 3 weeks for some kind of shot/immunization and blood work to check his white blood cells. She didn't tell me how long he will need to do that. She did say that most dogs don't progress as Seymour seems to be doing and she sounded cautious. So, he has a long way to go and I am still hopeful for a good recovery.

On a lighter note, my daughter and grandson came over this morning and she said she was having a bad day. She hadn't seen Seymour so I thought it might cheer up up to see his progress. Then I said that she might want to hold him because he likes to be held. As we were talking she said "He has bad gas. Here, you hold him". She wasn't quite fast enough, because he was having a bowel movement. Really, he has never done that before, but it is hard to know when he has to go now. So, her bad day continued. Her shirt in being washed as I write this. Luckily we have been able to laugh about it tonight.

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  1. On a lighter note... good one. :)