Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 2 in Zelarino, Italy

Here are some pictures of the place I'm staying. I have upped my feelings of it. There seem to be lots of family around. They had my breakfast ready on the back patio where they have a few long tables for lots of guests to gather. Today it was only me. A different family member (I presume) set up my breakfast of a nice pot of rich coffee, juice, bread and jams/Nutella, yogurt and she offered me cereal which I could not understand. It sounds something like chee-ray-el-aa. They pronounce words that start with ci and ce as "chee" and " chay" and words that start with chi and che are pronounced "key" and "kay". That is counter to what I am used to so when I hear it, I get confused - actually when I hear most Italian, I get confused!

So, here is the house I'm staying in:

Here is the door to my room - as seen on the left side of the house. You can see that they also have the beaded curtain in front of the door. This leads to the little kitchen and to the right is my room. Seymour is enjoying the smells, as usual.

Here is my room and if you look hard, you will see Seymour eating his breakfast next to the double bed. You can see 2 of the other 3 beds in the front of the picture.

I also have my own bathroom and didn't even realize it. I didn't bother to look past the 3rd bed to the door that lead to my own bathroom. I thought I was supposed to use the one near the kitchen and when the owner showed me my bathroom, I think he thought I was a bit loco not knowing it was there!

Here is my bathroom, small but nice and clean. I see a water heater on the wall and it looks like it needs plugged in but I am not sure. The water in the shower got a little warm, but not hot. I guess I'll just deal with it.

Here is the sweet dog, Rudy. Seymour and Rudy actually seem to like each other even though they are both males.

This morning I was hoping to go to Venice but there wasn't a place open to buy a bus ticket so we walked about 3 miles total and came back. I actually needed my coat yesterday and today. As you can see, Seymour needed his sweater.

This is a dog that Seymour fell in love with during the walk - well for about 3 minutes. When we passed her later, he totally ignored her.

I am hoping that the people here remember that they invited me to go with them to Padua later today - and that if they take me, that there is a train and bus to bring me back home!

Oh oh, I hear an argument in Italian outside of my window. I hope it isn't the owners. That would be uncomfortable and wouldn't make for a fun trip in the car with them.

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  1. Your train adventures sound SO familiar! It's a crazy system, but it works. We had to punch our tickets in the yellow machines every trip, but the main line trains to La Spezia and to Florence and Pisa were very punctual. The local to Sestre and the Cinque Terra were always late. We are back home now... Sam

  2. What's with the carpentry tools on the wall? At least that's what they look like. A very unusual way to decorate! I hope the argument didn't affect you and Seymour in any way. Hopefully they aren't constant fighters and that you had a good trip to Padua. Love, Sharon

  3. Sam, PJ forwarded the email you sent to her instead of me I will write back. It sounds like you had a good trip!

  4. Looks like a neat place! And at least you don't have to shower on the toilet. :) I'll talk tepid water over a toilet shower anyday. -Shannon