Thursday, October 27, 2011

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre and Updates

Things are still pretty bad here. I went to Riomaggiore, which is the next stop on the Cinque Terre ride - 2 minutes away! You could walk to it on the trails, but they are still closed. Riomaggiore is the largest of the villages with a population of about 1800. I will write a specific blog about it, with pictures I took later. Unfortunately I went to pay for the 24 hour wireless service that is available in the train stations here and it is not working so they said to try again tomorrow.

While in Riomaggiore, I saw signs all over town that I could partially read
- so I broke down and bought a pocket dictionary. They were having a meeting today at 3 pm to find out who could take in people who have been displaced from the other villages.

Then I came back to Manarola and they had a sign about needing tools, shovels, and help with the clean up. I saw helicopters flying over carrying what looked like sandbags. (I hope I didn't write all of this before because I am mixing up my emails with my blogs).

Anyway, we came home and I started a load of washing - and something must be wrong because the door won't open. I am running it through again in hopes that the door will open this time. I do not want to have to contact the hostess to tell her I broke her washer.

I did heat up water and finally got cleaned up - including washing my hair. That was a good feeling. I also made pasta with pesto that I had for lunch and will finish off for dinner. I can't believe I am so happy to be cooking for myself! I'm also enjoying the privacy of having my own place. It's been almost 2 months since I have stayed anywhere alone.

So, no pictures again until I can get a strong wifi connection. If worse comes to worse, I will post a bunch of blogs when I get to Livorno. I don't feel bad about missing out on seeing a lot of Cinque Terre as much as I feel bad about not being able to speak the language well enough to know what I could do to help here. I am experiencing real life in Italy, which is what I wanted to do.

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