Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday in Livorno

It was a pretty quiet day. As usual, I got lost trying to find the mall but I found out it was probably closed anyway. Pretty much everything is closed on Sundays here. So, I took a bus to the ocean, which was only a few bus stops since Livorno is on the ocean - but of course had to use the bus pass! We walked around there. They have a park, children's merry-go-round and lots of little restaurants lining the area. The merry-go-rounds were both enclosed. Here is one but it is not a very clear picture:

I tried to find a restaurant with that seafood speciality but only found things like pizza with shrimp and some kind of fish. Just walking without being lost was relaxing. Ocean view:

We then walked back to town and I had a salad at the same place I ate yesterday - with the Medina vinegar!

I then noticed that on my map, the information person wrote that if I took bus 10, it would go directly past that big Pet Store. I took bus 10 from start to finish and never saw the Pet Store. I did see a big Toy Store, similar to Toys R Us.

So the day ended with walking back to the albergo, which is an event in itself because it is tricky to walk between the bikes and the cars and motorcycles driving down the sidewalks. In this picture, I am trying to show the sidewalk, the cars parked on both sides and cars driving up the middle. The actual street is on the right. You can see people in a distance on the "sidewalk". I was told that you only needed to be 14 to drive here and that some small cars do not even require a license. I was also told there are lots of accidents - no surprise. I hear ambulances regularly.

Here is the hospital that is close to our albergo. Quite attractive.

Today we are going to try taking the bus in front of our albergo and see it is goes anywhere near the mall.

Then I want to take bus 2 back to Montenero to check out what we missed at the top of the funicular. I also have to find a place to do laundry later. I don't think they have any - or many - dryers so I will need to hang clothes up so they dry by the time I leave Wed. morning. I was told that they can't turn heat on in the hotel until sometime in November or they will get in trouble. That is fine with me since I am enjoying the cool sleeping temp.

Tomorrow is Lucca.

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  1. You only have to be 14 to drive?!! What a nightmare!! -Shannon