Friday, October 7, 2011

Update on Today's Blog - Imola, Italy

The good news - my clothes are now drying on the rack outside of my door. I am hoping they will dry by morning because I have to catch my first train at I think 10 am. I went to the train station to get my tickets. These were pretty expensive - for me to get from here to just outside of Venice and then from there to Livorno cost 86 euro. I also heard him say that I have to catch 4 different trains to get from Venice to Livorno - Yikes! But that is 4 days away so I'm just going to worry about getting to that organic farm tomorrow.

I have tried talking in Italian to a number of people today and we both end up laughing, it is so bad. I'm still trying to figure out why when I say "forse", which means "possibly", no one understands me. How badly can I be mangling that word? And what am I saying instead?

Anyway, I bit the bullet and bought a new bigger suitcase - not a carry-on. I went to the only 2 shops in town that sold luggage and the second shop was willing to give me a discount, so I ended up getting my suitcase for 60 euro. Only 2 euro more than it would have cost me to ship that small package. Here is my new suitcase next to my old one. I will leave my old one for Cecilia.

As I was walking around the town center looking for the suitcase store, I came across these cars. Some said "winner of" something on them and there was a sign about the Gran Pris - I'm sure it was important since this town has the motor speedway as it's claim to fame. So, here are some of the cars I saw:

Guys reading this are probably drooling!

Time to start collecting my stuff into my new suitcase.

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  1. You're probably speaking Italian with a Texas accent! Good luck catching your trains. You seem to be doing really well. Love, Sharon and Art

  2. Hey Sharon,
    No one else is able to post comments anymore on the blog. Can you share how you are doing it? I will see if there is something I can fix from this end. Thanks for all of the comments.

  3. I just go to the comments line under your blog and it brings up the post comment box. There doesn't seem to be a problem at this end. Enjoy the organic farm. Don't forget to find out how they beat off the bugs and slugs. Love, Sharon and Art.

  4. I noticed that my computer now shows "redirecting" once I post the comment. That didn't happen before. Sharon