Friday, October 7, 2011

Last Full Day In Imola, Italy

The day is only 1/2 over and it's been "one of those days". First the good news. My clothes are currently in the washer. Now the rest of the news.
I decided that I would mail a few things home - some summer clothes and a few little things I purchased and my sandals I've been wearing for the last few weeks. I had to find a box by searching the boxes the stores were throwing out. Then I bought some tape. I came home and put things in the box, taped it up and schlepped to the post office with about a 15 pound box under my arm, Seymour in his sling, and holding my umbrella because it is raining.

I took my number at the post office and this time, my number actually came up. I was told I had to fill out another paper saying what was in the box and the value. When I finished, she asked for my Codice Fiscale number. This I don't have. I know that when I got my sim card they must have gotten a number for me, but they didn't give it to me. The woman at the post office was very nice (she liked Seymour) and tried to find the number on the computer - no such luck. She said that I could put my stuff in 2 smaller boxes and somehow that gets me around not having the number. The cost of mailing the 2 small boxes - the least expensive way - was 58 euro! That is more than the value of what was in the box. It is not worth it.

So, in the blowing rain, I walked back home with the box, Seymour, my wet pad of paper where I had written what I needed in Italian and my useless umbrella. I am not happy with my choice, but I have decided to buy a bigger suitcase - which will have to be checked and probably lost - and get rid of anything I don't want and continue my trip. I am sure Cecilia can use my old suitcase. It will cost me about the same to get a new suitcase as to mail that package.

Once I hang my clothes on the clothes rack to dry, I will head to the train station to get my ticket for tomorrow and for the next leg of my trip. By that time, hopefully the stores will be open and I can get a suitcase. I need to leave in the morning.

This is just part of traveling and learning how things are done in different countries. I'll be bummed for a little while and then be back on track.

BTW, this is the market across from Cecilia's house. It is indoors and has different stores/booths inside. There is a bar where I see people lined up to drink their morning espresso, a few meat counters, a few fruit and veggie stands and some other small stores. I bought a large basket of plums that I've been eating all week.

This is Cecilia's house - her entrance is on the left. Very nice.

Tomorrow I am off to that Organic Farm outside of Venice. Here are the directions he sent for me to get there:

"Mestre Station - go right 100 meters. Buses called Noale or Scorize or Bus 20, 21 - get off in Zelarino near bar Vica or Polo Supermarket. There is via Parolari - after 1 km walking you are in the countryside, at the 88 you'll find my pink house."

Anyone want to take bets on if I find this place?? Oh, and my GPS has not found a satellite since just after I got to Italy. It is just along for the ride apparently.

After 4 days on the farm, I booked a room for 7 nights at the American Bohemiam Artists Hotel in Livorno, Italy. This is on the coast, not too far from Pisa.

I hope to book a room in Perugia after that because they will be having their Chocolate Festival going on. Chocolate always lifts my spirits :)

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  1. Sorry the mailing didn't work out. Could you try using the large brown envelopes to put some smaller things in? Just a thought. Sharon

  2. Probably not but now I have a bigger suitcase -