Monday, October 3, 2011

Imona, Italy

Well, we made it to Imona, which is about 25 minutes by train from Balogna. Unfortunately, I lost Seymour's crate along the way. I think it was when we transferred from the train in Bologna to the one to take us here. I have ended up with too much stuff and have 3 bags plus Seymour and his crate. At least Seymour wasn't IN his crate when I lost it. I am going to go to the railroad station today to see if they ever get lost items. If not, I am not going to worry about a crate until we are close to going home. And I know that AirFrance sells them.

So, Cecilia picked us up at the train station. We are living in the basement of her house. It is more like their game room but also has bunk beds. It works out fine. She had another houseguest named Lynne who used Cecilia's bedroom. Lynne is sweet and very cute. She lives in NYC, quit her job and decided to travel. She has been in England, Spain and Italy. She goes home in the beginning of November. She has had quite an adventure. She gave me her email so I hope to keep up with her trip.

Back to Imona. It is a small city, but not as small as Montepuliano. It is FLAT and everyone rides bikes here. I hope to borrow one of Cecilia's bikes one day when we are here. There was an autocross or motorcycle race going on this weekend so you could hear the races from everywhere in the city. The first day I was here, I went for a walk and got totally lost for a couple of hours. I had a map but I still couldn't find my way back. I finally got close to her street and couldn't remember the address. Everyone has a locked gate as well as a locked door, so I started putting my key in everyone's gates to see if I could find the right one. Finally I saw the dog, Stella, who barked at us when we came and some men came out to quiet her. I asked where Cecilia lived and they pointed me in the right direction. Thank goodness! Then I noticed that she live in a very easy to find place - across from a big market.

I walked around later and found a Pizza Express where I got a margharita pizza to go, a Moretti beer and a bottle of water for 5 euro 30. Very reasonable.

Here are some pictures of Imola. It has a French influence. I need to take more pictures so you can see how pretty it is.

They have a town square where there are shops and restaurants.

As I said, EVERYONE rides bikes.

This is a fortress in town - don't know the name.

Saw this as I was walking around lost. Can you tell that being a tour guide is not in my future??

Yesterday I went to Bologna, so I'll write about that later today. We are off to I don't know where.

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  1. Susan,

    We're glad you made it to your new home safe. Could you ship some of your stuff home? Since it doesn't matter how long it takes to get there you can send it the cheapest way. Hopefully you'll get Seymours crate back. Keep writing we are really enjoying your adventures. Love, Sharon and Art