Monday, October 10, 2011

Venice, Italy

I decided not to go with them to Padua. The main reason was that the bus and trains just don't run as often on Sunday and I didn't want to get stuck. I still don't know who was arguing, but everyone looked fine when I came out to tell them I wasn't going. I stayed here and finished my book "One Day". I think it was a good call.

Today I got up and one of the men here - I don't know his name but I don't think he is the owner, asked if I wanted breakfast this morning. Through a girl who was here and interpreted, he said he noticed I didn't eat much of my breakfast yesterday and asked if I would want an omelet. Protein!! Yes!! So this morning he made me an egg omelet (from their chicken's eggs),grapefruit juice, a big pot of coffee and bread with jams/Nutella. It was great and I ate - and drank most of it. This man has been so nice trying to help me with my Italian. He makes me repeat the correct pronunciation or the right word order for my sentences. It's not that I'll remember it, but now I know how far from correct my Italian is - very far!

Anyway, he sold me my bus ticket to Venice and drew me a map of where I catch the bus, how I use the ticket (figured that out the first day, but that was nice) and which bus I take home. I got to Venice easily on the bus. To me, it is still the most beautiful city I have ever seen. Unfortunately it is over-run by tourists. BTW, I don't consider myself THAT kind of tourist now :) It was not this crowded when I was there about 4 years ago. And there were LOTS of kids - seems like the wrong time of year for kids to be traveling -

I was overwhelmed by the people. I did walk around town and found another beautiful church. You wouldn't know it from the outside but it ranks up there on my favorites list. If I wasn't so lazy, I would walk back to my room and try to look up the name. Instead, I'll just show you the outside. As you can see, there is a large crack running how from the top on the left. They wouldn't allow pictures inside, but as I sat there taking it all in, it brought me to tears.

Here are some other pictures of Venice. They don't do it justice.

Notice the people everywhere?

The Duomo - another beautiful place!

This is in front of the Duomo but you see them other places. It is this time of year when Venice floods. These aren't tables, they are walking platforms that will be placed around the city center so people can still get around.

You know how I feel about those rooftops!

This is still around the Duomo but I wanted to get more pictures of the crowds.

Some places you couldn't even walk!

I ended up taking the boat back to the bus station, which ended up being a nice long ride. It cost 6 euro 50. Prices are much cheaper for locals, and that is only fair. The have to put up with a lot!

Speaking of crowds, this is the bus I was in to go to Venice. I was in the very back. Again, you can't tell but there wasn't one standing spot left on the bus. It's a way of life here.

So, then the story gets familiar. The man gave me the name of the bus to take home and I found the bus, but it also said "via. . .". Well, the "via" bus didn't get me home. I watched and watched the whole way and never saw my stop. The bus ended at a parking lot - end of the line. I got off and wasn't sure what to do. I asked a woman waiting of a bus if I could buy a ticket from the driver and if the bus went to Mestre, which is the train station. I figured I could get back home from there. So, when the driver got on the bus, I asked for a ticket and he said "finite", which meant that when I got off of the bus I could pay. I was watching the stops and saw that the bus was going to go right past where I needed to get off so I didn't need to go all of the way to the train station. I pushed that little STOP button and went to the front of the bus to pay, and he just waved me off. That was so nice and unexpected.

On the way home we passed that supermarket that was closed yesterday and I found that it is really an indoor mall with a supermarket attached. There was a "no dogs" sign on the door, and since it shows the picture of a dog with a line through it, there was no chance to say I didn't understand. But I went in anyway, with Seymour in his sling and no one said anything. I bought some more pastry, a wrapped sandwich, dog food (of course), and a couple chocolate bars to go with my olive snack pack I bought yesterday. Yummy, you are thinking!

As I am sitting outside writing this, the sun is going down and the sky is striped with color. That nice man (I need to ask him his name) is also sitting out here and he offered me some of his wine. I said "salut-aa" and he raised his glass and corrected me "salut-ay", spelled salute. They say that when drinking or when someone sneezes. He also put on some piano concerto music and it goes very well with our wine. The education of Susan continues.

So, overall, in spite of the "other" tourists, I have enjoyed my day. Tomorrow, I plan to take the train to Padua. I need to rub the statue or casket of St Anthony, the Saint of Lost things!! That has gotta help!


  1. Is the nice man single? ;) -Shannon

  2. BTW, LOVE the pictures of Venice. Such a magical place unlike anywhere else in the world. -Shannon