Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Full Day in Manarola

As you can see, we are having another lazy day. Seymour wasn't happy that I disturbed his nap while he was curled up next to my foot.

I actually have been sick for a couple of days and even considered going to the hospital. I think it was a number of things going wrong at the same time but my big worry is always any after affects from my surgery. I had gone to the farmacia for some medicine for a bladder infection. I used google translate to tell him what was wrong with me and was hoping the translation was right. He asked if I wanted natural or antibiotic medicine and I went for the antibiotic. But last night I was pretty sick and started listing the things I better do. So I:
1. Left out a list of emergency numbers.
2. Thought about who could take Seymour and I decided that if I could hold off one more day, the lady in Livorno would probably care for him for me.
3. Considered changing my flight and going home - could probably be home in about 48 hours.
4. Thought I should program my phone with the emergency number here, as I was told to do a week ago (still didn't do it, but will) By the way, I found that my charger for my useless GPS works great to charge my Italian phone. What a relief! I have used that phone a number of times already.

The thought of getting sick in a foreign country isn't so bad, it's having a dog to also care for while you are sick that is the problem.

I finally fell asleep and am feeling somewhat better this morning.

The person who cleans the apartment showed up today and I told her I wasn't leaving until tomorrow and then I had to search around to be sure I knew what date it was. As far as I can tell, it is Oct 30 and I leave Oct 31.

The clocks were changed last night (fall back) so tonight we get to experience darkness at about 5:30 pm. I'm glad this is a safe place.

Problems with trains again today so I decided to forget trying to go anywhere until I hopefully leave tomorrow. The TV is still full of stories about the flood here. Even President Obama sent a message from the USA.

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  1. That's weird. We don't change our clocks until Nov. 6th. I'm sorry to hear that you
    are sick. I think that you should go to the doctor or hospital there if you don't feel any better today. I'm sure they have good doctors. mary

  2. I hope you are all better. That's scary. -Shannon