Thursday, October 20, 2011

St. Francis Would Be Disappointed

This will be all words with no pics. I wrote to the owner of the B&B I was going to in Assisi to get directions. The directions pretty much said to take the bus to San Francesco church and everyone knows where it is. No they didn't. You have to take the bus from the train station because Assisi is probably 2-3 miles away - up hills.

This place gives Montepulciano a run for the most hills. In fact I think Assisi would win. So, I got off of the bus and trudged up the rest of the way to the church. Didn't see the B&B so I asked someone and they had never heard of it. Off I went, up more hills pulling my suitcase, carrying my back pack and periodically carrying Seymour when he wasn't stopping to smell and pee a few drops at a time. I tried getting out my computer to see if my vodofone sim would work. I paid for 2 months; doesn't appear I got 2 months. Up more hills until I lucked out and asked a store owner where the info office was located. He didn't understand me and said there was an Internet cafe across the road. I went in and bought a geleto and asked to use the Internet. The only way I was able to find this hotel was to go on airbnb and go to the listing. Then click on street view and looked at the 360 degree view so when I walked again I recognized the Pizza sign. People have got to give better directions!

My room is nice and has a TV with Italian stations. I started watching it to help me learn more Italian through osmosis.

Back to the church where St Anthony is buried - no dogs allowed! Doesn't that seem crazy? I went to the info office to asked who was in charge of that church. Is it the Pope, I asked. They acted like they had no idea - so much for an information office! I am calming down a little and did sneak Seymour into the upper church but the police stopped me when I tried to go into the lower church where St Francis is buried. I might give in and leave Seymour at the B&B so I can get in.

Assisi itself is beautiful, almost too perfect. I walked around this morning and took lots of pics but I will need to figure out how to post them without having to take a bus to McDonalds. I hope to go to Perugia tomorrow and see if they have a Vodafone store where I can recharge my SIM card. I am here for 6 days.

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  1. That is ludicrous that you can't carry a dog into the protector of animals' church. He would not be pleased. -Shannon