Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Manarola, Italy

Since I haven't posted in a few days due to internet problems, I wanted to try to post a short picture-less blog. There is no wireless in my new place but I can buy 24 hours of wireless that I can use at the train station for 5 euro. I will probably do that tomorrow since I have a couple of blogs with pictures I want to post. My vadafone SIM only works for about 10 seconds at a time, so the next time I am in a big city, I will have to go back to the vadafone store to see what is wrong. Hopefully, during those 10 seconds, I can post this blog. Ahhh, life in Italy.

There were heavy rains here and flooding and the railroad tracks got damaged going to 3 of the Cinque Terre cities. They also had to close the hiking trail. So, I will try to go to Riomaggiore, the only other city that is accessible, tomorrow. I don't expect the tracks to be fixed before I leave next week, but it will just give me a reason to come back.

Although I really like this city and this apartment, things aren't perfect. The electricity went out today in town and it signaled the post office and the small grocery store to close down. I have never seen so many things close for so little reason. I walked around this afternoon looking for a place that was open that sold tea - nothing.

Luckily, before the grocery store closed, I bought some fresh pasta and pesto to cook and of course my cheese and bread. I will talk about my lunch in a future blog.

I think the propane tank is low at the apartment so there is no hot water and the radiators aren't working. It has been pretty cold so I would like one or both to work. I have emailed the hostess to see what can be done. I hate to say it, but this is the 4th day without a shower! The last 2 days at the B&B, I tried to take a shower; the first day I got about 10 seconds of hot water and then it went ice cold - so that could count as a very quick shower. The last night there, the water never did get hot and there was no one around to talk to. So again I did a quick washing only. Last night I was exhausted so just went to bed and today I've been trying to get hot water, with no luck. I will probably just heat some water on the stove tomorrow to get quasi clean. I might as well just let my hair go to dreadlocks since I don't know when it will actually see shampoo and water again :)

Luckily, Seymour and I are used to each other's smells!

More tomorrow -

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  1. The pasta, cheese and bread sound good.
    The other part sounds too much like camping
    which i don't like to do much.. I like my hot water!! I hope you get some soon. And I think that they should give you some money back for not having it. Be careful. That flooding sounds scarey. How are you going to get out of there if the train tracks aren't fixed? Mary

  2. That is the way things happen over here. I don't think they would give any discount since they experience this stuff all they time. Lucky for me, the train tracks that are damaged are the ones going the opposite way from the way I leave here.