Saturday, October 15, 2011

In and Around Livorno, Italy

I decided to stay around Livorno for the next few days. They sell a Livorno pass for 5 euro that gives you 3 full days of bus travel and gets you into certain museums, etc at a discount. They didn't give me the list of places it for the discounts but the bus travel is worth it.

It took me almost 2 hours of walking trying to find where to get the Livorno pass. I finally knew I was way out of town so I found a tabaccheria where you can buy bus tickets. I bought 2 and then found a bus that took me back to the Piazza Grande (most towns seem to have one of these) and then I walked around trying to follow the directions that said you can buy these passes at the Information kiosk 300 meters from where the cruise ships come in. As usual, I didn't understand the directions. After much walking I finally asked a police women where to get it and you I found that they sell them at any Information office. I never found a "kiosk". So, I headed back to the one I went to (about 3 times) yesterday and got my pass. I asked for a bus route map and they said that was a problem because it is off season and the buses change their routes. Great! But, what the heck, I had a 3 day bus pass. Even if the bus breaks down again, I can just hop on another bus. So far I've been on bus 9, 2, 2R and 1. Bus 2 took me to Montenero where I saw they had a funicular, which is like an incline tram that goes up the mountain.

There was no one to take a ticket so I couldn't show my bus pass and the turnstile wouldn't open without you putting a ticket in. The bus pass doesn't fit in the stamp machines. Luckily I had that other ticket I bought and got on the tram. Seymour and I sat there all alone waiting for it to start. It was a 70 minute ticket so I had time! Finally it did start and there was a beautiful view of the water. This is what I was able to take through the window. That dark blue is the ocean.

When we got to the top I was afraid to get off since I didn't have another ticket so we sat there until the funicular made it's way back down. Once I got off, I found a brochure about all of the wonderful things I missed by not getting off of the tram. I might go back tomorrow - with 2 more bus tickets in hand to check it out.

I then went on Bus 2R and it took me right to the ocean. I'm not sure the name of this town but it is like a suburb of Livorno. Here are a few of the views:

We also went past the beaches in Livorno where people were wind surfing. I might try to stop there while my bus pass is still good to take some more pictures. It really is breath taking to view the ocean.

Here are some more pictures in Livorno. The first is the Synagogue that Dai told me to visit. I don't know who designed it but it is interesting.

These are more pictures of the city:

I have been trying to find a seafood place to eat their speciality dish called Cacciucco. I think it is pronounced ka-chew-ko, at least that is how I am going to say it. I couldn't find a place in the downtown area that served it so I had to have gnocchi and wine for lunch :) It may be that they only serve it at dinner and I am usually back in my room before the crowds get hungry at 8 pm. Hopefully I will find a place on one of my bus rides tomorrow. I am still on a mission to find a pet store, also.

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  1. What a beautiful place--the view, the buildings, even the tram. How serene. Wish I was with you! -Shannon