Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday in Assisi

First, it really sucks having no wifi in Assisi. I have been unable to look for places to stay on line. I may see if I can go back to Livorno for a few days to get organized after my stay in Cinque Terre. Somehow, although I paid for cellular connection on my iPad, there is something about you not being able to use it for 24 hours or you lose your money and connection. I think that happened to me. Now,on to Sunday-

I made a slight error in my last blog about Assisi. No, they still don't allow dogs in San Francesco church, but the olive tree lined trail we walked was not where St Francis heard the word of God.

I got out my map of Assisi to see where we could walk today that we hadn't been to yet and I saw "San Damiano - Franciscan shrine build on the spot where St Francis heard the voice of Christ and where he wrote the Canticle of the Creatures." It is also a convent. Oops. It was located km 1.5 from the town - just about all down hill - down a steep hill! Which meant we had to walk UP the steep hill when we were done. At least I did. Seymour gave out about 1/2 way up and wanted to be carried!

Seymour loved the walk down, since there were lots of fields, plants and trees. I don't think St Francis would have minded his dribbles. This was the first small building we came across, but of course I couldn't read what it was!

This is the walk down to the spot where St Francis first heard the voice of Christ (I actually thought it was the voice of God, wrong again)

Here is the entrance:

For some reason I didn't take any pictures of the building, but here are pics in the inside garden area. You can see one of the friars in the first picture.

Here are some statues of St Francis. I really like both of them:

There were lots of nuns doing a pilgrimage here - and many came over to pet Seymour. He is such a big hit! I would guess that up to a dozen people stop to pet him and a number take his picture, with or without asking me. Anyway, here are some of the nuns who fawned over Seymour:

Back inside the city walls of Assisi. This is another metal art I liked.

This is another view of Assisi. One of the things I realized is that there is very little graffiti in Assisi - not like all of the other cities I've been to. Maybe that is what makes it feel so upscale. And most of the structures are white. One of the first planned communities :)

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  1. I love the statues, adn that's a great shot of the nuns. How sweet! -Shannon

  2. I like the statue of St. Francis sitting looking at the view. I know you don't like
    getting your picture taken, but we would love to see some pics of you and seymour on your journey. mary