Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday in Imola

As I was rushing out of the door to get to the train station, I walked right in to an outdoor market that was set up across from where we were staying. Should I hurry to the train station and maybe miss my train to Ravenna or should I stay in Imola and browse the market. The market won out. It was mostly clothes and of course I found more that I can wear for the next 2 months. I will need to try to find a place to donate some of my old clothes.

I am trying to dress a little more like an Italian - scarves, tight jeans (well, not as tight as they wear them) and belts. They also wear a lot of cowboy boots which I am not going to purchase - or carry. I found a pair of jeans to replace the ones I left in Rome and a couple tops - one with a belt - and a couple scarves. I am going to have to look at people to see how they are tying their scarves so I too will look cool :) This is the only picture I took of the market, but it went on for about 2 blocks.

Then Seymour and I walked around town looking for a place to buy more dog food. Cecilia gave me directions but it was like gibberish to my brain. I was excited to finally find one of the three places she mentioned.

We are now chilling out and getting ready for our trip to Ravenna tomorrow. And here is how "King" Seymour chills in our temporary digs:

Not a bad life :)

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  1. After all that walking I'm sure Seymour doesn't want to leave that cozy bed. He's going to hate to leave it behind. Start shipping all that stuff home 'cause I know you will wish you had it when you get back. Enjoy! Love, Sharon and Art