Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No Ravenna Today

For the second time in 4 days, I got on the wrong train! It all started when I was waiting for my train in Bologna. A train was sitting on the tracks in front of me for 20 minutes and I didn't think it was my train since it was early, but I found out it was. Luckily I asked and got on the train and made it back to Imola. So, I was taking a train a couple of days ago and the train was there early again, so I got on. Unfortunately, it took off and it wasn't my train. When I figured it out, I got off at another stop and waited for the right train.

Today, I was waiting for the train to Ravenna and a train came about 15 minutes early. I hesitated but finally got on the train since there is only one every couple of hours. Once again, it was the wrong train. I figured it out when it didn't stop at the stops it was supposed to stop at. The bad part of the trains here is that they don't stop at every stop so you have to pick the train that will stop where you need to get off. So, I am on this train watching the stops and trying to figure out which one to get off at so I can either go on to Ravenna or go back to Imola. It finally stopped at a station where the majority of the people got off - so I did, too.

There was no train to Ravenna, but there was one to Bologna - again. I decided to go back to Bologna to see if anyone might have turned in Seymour's crate. No one did. And I was told that if he isn't in a "box" they have to charge 1/2 fare for him. I figured his sling was good enough so I just nodded my head and left for another trip around the city. I have not been charged that 1/2 fare yet.

Here are a few more pictures of Bologna. The city is growing on me but it is still too much of a mix of beautiful old buildings and graffiti.

We stopped at a restaurant there for lunch. They offered Seymour water, which no other place has done. I had spaghetti with just tomato sauce (skipping that cream sauce for awhile) and they gave pieces of their pizza dough with garlic and some other spices as your bread. It was very good. I decided to just have water today because the beer and wine is becoming too routine!

It is hot here in the afternoons - and no A/C so I found a funky little store where I bought a battery-operated fan and a new alarm clock - since mine is from my days at Living Centers and has the quietest beep I've ever not heard. My new alarm clock cost 1 euro 50, which is about $2.25 so you can be sure it will work great :) I'm setting them both tonight so we can again try to get the early train to Ravenna!

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  1. Susan,
    I am loving your blog. I don't know how you do it. I seriously consider doing a blog on your suggestion, but I have not had the time Your photos are great too.

    Have fun!


  2. When I have no TV, nothing that needs to be done, I have the time!