Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pictures from Assisi

Here are some of the views of Assisi. It is the city at the top up the hill. The train and bus are at the bottom of the hill.

The weather was getting bad but we had an umbrella

A view from Assisi. It was overcast.

This is a fortress that is near the trail of where St Francis first heard the word of God. We climbed up to it and it started raining. What's a little water?

We walked the path that St Francis walked, that was lined with Olive trees. I took a close up picture of an olive tree because I had never seen one this close before:

Different views of San Francesco.

Seymour in front of the upper church

This is a hedge in the front of San Francesco. I had to take it upside down but it says "PAX" - I think that means "peace" in latin. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

They have lots of souvenirs with this on it. Again I think this says "Peace is Good". It is not Italian so I assume it is Latin. Paxton should enjoy seeing his name in hedges :)

A fountain in the city.

Other churches and views in Assisi


This is a modern day statue depicting a couple the last time they say St Francis. The friar said that they would not be holding hands if this was an old statue since marriage back then was almost always to improve wealth and power, not for love.

I liked this sign to watch for school children. The bigger child carries one of those big plastic cases that I see either high schoolers or college students carrying all the time.

I will take pictures of the B and B and my room tomorrow. Hopefully one day I will actually be able to post these!

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  1. I should make it a goal to someday bring Paxton to see his name in hedges. So neat. And yes, Pax means Peace in Latin.