Friday, October 21, 2011

Train Strike to Perugia

Short post. I got to the train station and found that there is a train strike I think just for trains going to Perugia. So I walked around the town near the train station instead. There is a big old beautiful church here just behind the train station I got to see. This town is quaint and has real shops and a supermarket. Assisi has a few small grocery stores but I couldn't find Seymour's food there. Now he will have 8 more cans to eat up quickly!

I had heard about the strikes here but this is the first time it affected me. They don't know how long it will last but I am hoping just one day. I need to find a Vodafone store and buy my train ticket to Cinque Terre for next week. Also I need internet access to find a place to stay after Cinque Terre.

Last night we walked around Assisi and I got in on a few tours that were in English. There are Friars who do tours in various languages. I am assuming that there is a monastery here because there are lots of nuns and friars around. Again I took Seymour into the churches we could get in. Technically, their sign shows a picture of a dog walking with a line through it and Seymour is in his sling. I'm just saying . . It did start raining hard last night and I saw on the news this morning that there was flooding in Rome and Naples.

So here we sit in McD's again - this time with fries and Coke light. Maybe tomorrow I can get the internet issue fixed.

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