Thursday, November 3, 2011

Arezzo, Italy

I was wondering why it cost over 10 euro to get here, then I found that it is about 3 hours and 3 trains away from Livorno. This time, my GPS found the satellites so I used it to find my way to my new place. Well, it took me in the complete opposite direction from where I was supposed to go and luckily I had my phone so I called the owner a few times and he sent me the right way. It was supposed to take me 15 minutes from the train station, and 1 hour later I was there. The owner was out of town so he had a woman meet me at the apartment.

Her name is Dana and she was really nice, but spoke very little English. So we would start talking and then she would call Chicco (the owner) and he would interpret back and forth for us. I am in a very old building and in a very old room, but it is clean - and has a ceiling fan! There is one other woman staying here so we will share a bathroom. I haven't seen her yet. I will take some pictures tomorrow.

Arezzo is another small village with some interesting sites. Here are a few pics that I took this afternoon. They have big jousting tournaments here twice a year and here are some of the costumes from years gone by: (Don't ask me which years)

This is a 16th century painting I saw in the history center beside the information office:

Here is a cool horse statue I found:

One of the churches I hope to check out while I'm here.

This church was across from the bar I stopped in for a beer - they also brought a big bowl of olives and nuts, so the 5 euro cost was worth it.

We came back to our room early and are watching a bit of TV and using the wifi. Tomorrow I will either explore this town or go visit a nearby village. I will be here for 5 nights, so there is lots of time to explore. Seymour takes about 30 minutes to get used to a new place. He is now sleeping under the covers next to me - since my suitcase is too high for him to reach :)

All is well -

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  1. I love that he likes to sleep in your suitcase. You'll have to make that his dog bed when you come home! -SHannon