Thursday, November 17, 2011

Capri Island, Italy

We finally made it to Capri today. We took the ferry across, which cost 34 euro round trip. When we were on the boat, we (Seymour and I) met a really sweet couple whose cruise ship docked in Napoli and they decided to spend the day in Capri. They had been there once before. They took us under their wing and we spent a few hours together before they left to go back to their cruise ship. These are the 2 boats you can use to get to Capri - one is the Jet/Hydrofoil and the other is the ferry. The ride is only about 45 minutes so it didn't seem necessary to take the "fast" boat.

Here is the inside of the ferry, before too many people boarded. We got a window seat but the window was fogged over so I couldn't see much. Seymour wasn't interested.

Capri is divided into 2 cities, Capri itself and then farther up the hill is AnaCapri. We went there first and I didn't even realize there was more until got on the wrong bus (what, me?) to go back to the dock. So, I had a chance to visit both cities.

From AnaCapri, you can take a chair lift to the very top of the mountain. I didn't do it and don't know if they would have allowed me on with Seymour. The upper Capri seemed a little more old, touristy and maybe middle class where the lower Capri had the expensive stores and still touristy. The winding road to get here was very narrow. You can see in the front of this picture how the road opens just a little for a car to pull over. The buses all have scrapes down their sides. Another place I would not want to drive!
Here is AnaCapri:

And ocean/bay views:

Here are some pics of lower Capri. They also have a funicular from near the boat dock to lower Capri. So, you can either take a bus or the cable car.

And more scenic pics:

The water really is that blue.

My new friends said that during tourist season you can barely move around the city. Although some of the stores and restaurants were closed, I was happy that it wasn't real crowded with tourists.

I never got to the main tourist attraction which is the grotto. It's a cave you can only get to from a boat and is supposed to be beautiful.

It's a pretty island and worth visiting. There are 2 other islands near here that are less touristy, but I don't think I will visit. Even "less touristy" is too touristy for me at the moment.

I haven't made plans for tomorrow. I need to figure out what day of the week it is tomorrow! I don't know what day of the week it is today!! I want to see if there are any tour buses to the Amalfi Coast and if so, when they run. I also have some glaring mistakes in my blog from yesterday about Pompeii so I will be writing another update!!

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