Friday, November 18, 2011

Spending the Day in Napoli, Italy

Today I decided to stay around Napoli and check out the city a bit more. I ended up walking for about 2 1/2 hours. I saw the designer shops, the back alleys, the fruit and fish stands - and finally the ocean again! Yep, I was lost as usual, but once I saw the ocean, I could find my way back to the castle and the apartment. Seymour only walks so far, then stops dead, wanting to be carried in his sling. Since I know he has a bad hip, I cut him some slack.

Here are some pics I took on this walk. I didn't take many because I didn't want to stand out as a "tourist"; I was on a lot of back alleys!

There was some kind of military ceremony going on at the duomo square. Since loud speakers aren't a favorite of Seymour's, I only watched it a short time:

Statues - this was on one of the many squares:

This is in front of a park that is filled with these reproductions of statues that are in museums. Very pretty:

This is an old, beautiful building that is housing shops and small restaurants.

When I saw the ocean, I headed that way and walked along the sidewalk for about a mile beside the water. There is a very little sandy beach area where some people were sunbathing and fishing:

There are rock "breakers" along the coast; it looks like they are a favorite place for college students to spend some romantic time - and for people to fish. I'm a bit far away from the people, so just imagine it :)

This was the entrance into one of the two marinas:

This was a church I passed. Things are spread out here so you can be among lots of shops and then see an ancient church or statue. It is a city to be explored - by tour bus, at least!

We (I) dragged back to the apartment and I was surprised to see a woman cleaning it. She left a piece of cake on the table. I will probably taste it
- it just feels weird for a strange lady to leave cake on your table!

I had left over pizza from Capri for lunch and then rested for a few hours. My legs are needing a break from the sidewalks. My friend Karen reminded me that I had also purchased a small bottle of Limoncello. I haven't opened it yet but my friends from yesterday said that I should sip it because it has quite a "kick". I will definitely drink it before I leave Napoli and let you know what I think - or if I can still think afterwards!

Tomorrow we may take the train to one of the cities on the Amalfi coast and then a bus through the area and a train back to Napoli. We may. . . . .
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  1. What a beautiful place! WOW! -Shannon