Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Matera - Quick Update

We had a heavy rain storm here and the wifi is out so I can't post the blog I wrote with all of the pictures. This is an awesome place. I walked around for many hours yesterday and wished I could have filmed it because everything in total needs to be seen to get the whole effect.

Unfortunately, this is a city of steps and by the time I got home, my right knee was really hurting. I am taking aspirin and resting it today and hopefully it will heal enough to walk around and try to find a place that sells knee braces tomorrow. I would choose this city as the most beautiful one yet. And the caves where people lived until the 1960's are amazing. I cover it all in my blog I hope to post soon.

This apartment has a washing machine, that I can't figure out how to open, but when I do, I plan to have clean clothes again! Seymour will appreciate having clean sweaters - or not care :)

Hopefully more to write later today -

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