Sunday, November 20, 2011

Odds and Ends From Napoli, Italy

I didn't get to the Archeological Museum today - next time. I wanted to see what Sunday was like here - and it is pretty lively. A few cruise ships docked this morning so lots of people were around the city. The park with all of the statues was full of tents with mostly food (meat, veggies, etc) and a few craft booths. This is just a small sample of what was there:

I stopped to eat lunch at a place that said it has been there since 1942. I got margarita pizza with mushrooms and a large beer. This pizza was similar to the one I got my first day here. This is a picture of that first pizza. You can tell that the crust is hand thrown. But both had wet middle areas. It tasted good but you had to use a fork to eat that part. I am not crazy about that drippy part:

I know I'm coming home is less than 2 weeks but I was looking for an alarm clock with the time, date and temperature. Well, what do you know, just outside of my apartment today, there was a mini-market, basically stuff lined up along the sidewalk and I found a "voice control back-light LCD clock" for 5 euro, and she threw in the batteries. It is bigger than a travel clock but is great for my old eyes to read. It is made in China so it has a number of languages you can set for the days of the week, and the temp can be either F or C. I could set the alarm to either be a buzzer or songs like Happy Birthday, a Christmas song and about 4 others. I choose the buzzer. I usually have been waking up early but I am still going to set it and see if it works since I have a train to catch in the morning. I haven't figured out the "voice control part" yet. Here is the clock - it is about as long as my hand:

Then, I needed to waste a little more money and right next to the sidewalk market was a little store with suitcases. Now, I know I bought a new suitcase about 6 weeks ago, but I have not been liking it. Since it only has 2 wheels, I have to carry it - and Seymour - down the aisles of the trains. It also doesn't have a handle on the side - which I didn't notice until after I bought it. So when people try to help me lift it up the stairs, they have to hold it in a bear hug to lift it. I spied a suitcase with 4 wheels and a handle on the side. It also has a lock and a zippered compartment on the back side of the suitcase. I negotiated a little and got it for 25 euro. I only hope it holds up until I get home. Here is a picture of my older suitcase (blue, in the middle), my new one (black) and Seymour's new little crate. It's a bit blurry1

Then I decided to wash a few more clothes, including Seymour's sling and hang them outside to dry. I sure hope they dry by morning! Seymour was watching me flittering around with big question marks for eyes. I think I was disturbing him:

Finally, I didn't mention that I bought a bag of potato chips the other night and decided they would go great with the Limoncello - and they did. Wow, that stuff is a bit strong, but tasty. So tasty, that I bought 2 more little bottles of it and have only one left. There is approximately 1 shot in each bottle. It would have been cheaper to have bought a large bottle but I don't think I could function if I drank much more and I can't carry it. They probably sell it in the States. If you try some, chill it first and sip it. It's pretty yummy.

Later, I plan to write down the directions to the place I'm staying in Rome and the phone number of the woman who has the apartment. I am pretty sure she works out of the country, which is why she rents out her apartment. But I will need all the help I can get to find it. Will this be the first time I don't get lost?

I did book a 1st class ticket on the train for tomorrow. I think it was only about 6 euro more than 2nd class - 23 vs 29 euro. It is only a 2 1/2 hour trip but I always here them announce "If you were traveling 1st class you would be getting our extra special drink right now". So, I want to see what I have been missing!

Unless something exciting happens, the next blog entry will be from the new apartment in Rome.

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  1. What a tease that you didn't get the coveted extra-special drink!! Bummer! It probably never existed. -Shannon