Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sorrento, Italy - and Dropping Seymour!

I took the easy way out this morning by taking the ferry across to Sorrento instead of taking a bus and a train. It is only about 35 minutes on the ferry and costs 22 euro round trip. As I went to get my ticket, my biggest fear occurred - Seymour fell out of his sling onto his head. I panicked and he laid there for a minute. I really thought his jaw was broken. I am still shaking as I am typing. After a short time, he seemed OK. He kept sticking out his tongue (not at me, I don't think) but I gave him water and he drank a little and then later he ate some food. I think he is OK, but is made me realize how I need to watch him more closely.

I took a picture of our apartment from the dock across the street where we were waiting for the ferry. Our apartment is the second from left - the grey building and my place is on the 3rd floor. They actually call it the 2nd "piano" because the first floor is the ground floor.

You can barely see it, but there is a red bus in the back and that is the tour bus we took our first full day here. One of those "get on and off" buses. They said that if you show your tour bus ticket in Rome, you will get a 10% discount on the tour there. I am planning to take that again because it is such a great way to see the sites before walking - and taking the subway - around Rome.

Sorrento is the beginning of the Amalfi Coast. Because it is off season, I couldn't find a bus to take us to some of the other towns. But, I was happy touring around there. Next time, I'll explore Amalfi.

Here is a picture from the wharf when we arrived. There were only 3 of us on the boat going and coming back to Napoli. I'm glad they didn't cancel it!

We had to take a bus to the top where the city is located. You can see how it is build on large rock.

They had most of their Christmas decorations up. I loved that!
Check out the size of the Christmas tree in the square -

These kinds of little shops are all over Italy. It is amazing how much "stuff" they can get into a small space. I guess they really do need to use the outside. I found Seymour's favorite treat in one of the stores and gave him one to make sure he could still chew! He could :)

These were a couple churches I found:

I'm not sure what this is - maybe a restaurant now? But beautiful:

Here are some views from the city to the ocean:

They obviously have a cat problem here. I saw that they were collecting pet food for them. I sure hope they also do the "catch and fix" to keep the population down.

We came back and most of the stores were closed in Napoli. I guess they close early on Saturdays here. Tomorrow they close the promenade that Seymour and I walked yesterday beside the ocean, to cars so people can enjoy the view. We will probably check it out. I also might try to go to the Archeological Museum where they have items from Pompeii. They also have a zoo here and an aquarium that is supposed to be very large. I doubt if Seymour can go into a zoo!

BTW, I had to finally look at a newspaper to figure out the date and day it was.

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  1. Susan,

    I'd be shaking too... let us know how Seymour is doing. I think it is good he ate and drank.


  2. And he is still happy to get back into his sling!

  3. Poor Seymour and poor Mommy!! That's so scary. I walked into Paxton's room today to watch Gibson fall backwards off the bed onto his back. Paxton wants him to be able to bounce on the bed with him. I told him no, but he took it upon himself to test my reasons why. Gibby was fine after some nin, thankfully. :) -Shannon