Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Apartment in Rome, Italy

Here are some pictures of the apartment I'm staying in. The neighborhood is a bit sketchy but safe. Just down the street are a number of medical specialist's offices, a veterinarian, a farmacia (that I had to visit tonight for this dang cold) and then some bars, small grocery stores, fruit and veggie shops and those China Town shops.

It is close to the tram, which is great. And it's big for Italy standards. This is the living room - notice the big TV and couch - Seymour and I have spent a lot of time here. She has a LOT of books and book shelves. Eat, Pray, Love is front and center :)

Here is the kitchen with the dining table. I like the colors. She has the best lighter for the stove that I have ever seen. It has an extra plastic column that slides up and protects your hand from the flame. It wouldn't help to take a picture because it doesn't look that fabulous - it just works! Oh, and beside that aqua cabinet is a washer/dryer combo!! I plan to use it before I leave. Of course my clothes will probably shrink - it will have nothing to do with my pastry and pasta eating, of course :)

The bedroom is little and the bed goes from one wall to the other, but it is fine with me and Seymour. Lots of art work and many nudes. I'd love to know more about the owner.

Here is the bathroom. The shower is very small but functional:

Here is the storage she uses in the bedroom. As always, there is no built in closet:

I will do a separate post on how our day went today. I'll just say, I am getting used to things not working out exactly as I had planned.

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  1. What a cute place and what a luxure to have it all to yourself! Nice! -Shannon