Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rome, Italy - With a Cold

I was in the first stages of a cold last night so I took it easy today. I had some flu medication left from Montepuciano and took some of that and again, watched TV. Now I'm seeing more American shows they have here, including:
Hell's Kitchen (in English and Italian)
America's Next Top Model (English)
Wipe Out (Italian, but what's to hear - the visuals are everything)
CSI - pretty much all of them (Italian)
Dark Angel (Italian)
Will and Grace (Italian) - - - and many, many more.

But after about 2 hours of resting, I decided to take the tram into Rome to see if I could find my way back to the train station. I don't know if it was another case of misinterpretation, but it was about 7 stops to the station, not 2. I then saw that just a short distance away from the tram stop was the Leonardo DiVinci train that goes directly to the airport, every 30 minutes for 14 euro. That is just what I need to take when I go to the hotel on my last night. It was drizzling on and off but we walked around a few blocks around the train station and found the entrance I came out yesterday. The tram is just around the train station - which is a couple blocks long, so if someone had just told me where the street I had been looking for was, I wouldn't have upset that lady in the information booth. I also saw the tour bus I want to take and noticed that they also have a "bus and boat" tour, so I might see if that is worth it.

There were small markets set up around the train station selling umbrellas, clothes, and other "necessities". I didn't buy anything. No room. I'm trying to figure out what to get rid of before I come home. Most of my underwear is now grey after washing it with my dark clothes in hot water - by accident because I didn't know how turn on the cold water in one of the washers I used. So, that stuff will not come home with me!

I took one picture while we were walking but I'll post pictures tomorrow. I haven't taken pictures of the apartment yet, but it is cute and decorated like the owner is in her 20's or early 30's. I like it because my body isn't that age but my mind sometimes is :)

We then came back to the apartment, to the TV, to food, to the couch, and to the medicine. We had our last walk at about 5 pm. Seymour is fine until morning. I am now making my fresh pasta and pesto for dinner. I'm never too sick to eat!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day - weather and health-wise.

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  1. Hope you feel better! The boys and I are also battling our winter colds. Get some rest and enjoy America's Next Top Model! :) -Shannon