Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Touring Rome

Despite my dang cold, I decided to go into Rome to do the bus tour. I have that discount card from doing the tour in Napoli. When I got to the ticket office, they said that THAT particular bus tour was having problems so they sold me a ticket for a different bus that was the same price - 18 euro for 48 hours. OK, it sounded fine. So, I went to get on the bus and the driver said that Seymour needed a ticket! Not again! I tried to tell him that the ticket people didn't think he needed a ticket, but no luck. So, I got off the bus and a guy who works for the tour bus company said, "wait for the next bus". So, I waiting and when I went to get on, they told me the headsets weren't working. Hmmm, they let everyone else on the bus with the "headsets not working". I was a bit frustrated and went and got my money back. I checked on the original tour bus and found that they were having problems and even though they sold 48 hour tickets, the bus was only going to run today and not tomorrow.

After a few deep breaths and bad words, I decided to skip the tour buses and just go on the subway to the various sites. I went to the Spanish Steps, the capital square and a number of other places. I found that I liked this better since I could go down the side streets, check out shops and see things that weren't on the tour. Here are some pics:

First this is a church right next to the Termini train station:

Here is a tree in the train station:

Here are the Spanish Steps. They are usually packed with people.

I really liked that it wasn't real crowded and that I got to see Christmas decorations along the way. This is the capital square (or something like that)

There was a small band set up here playing old American classics - that Seymour hated, as usual! I had to grab him to keep him from climbing out of his sling. It would be interesting to see where he would go if he did leave. His sense of direction has gotten worse these last few weeks - and that problem started BEFORE he fell out of his sling.

We walked down a street with all famous designer shops. Here are a couple:

This is more excavation they are doing:

Some other buildings that are probably famous, and some side streets:

Oops, back to the square:

I have too many pictures to post, but you get the idea. Tomorrow or Friday I plan to go to the Trivi Fountain, my favorite place in Rome, and a few other places. I'm actually glad that the tour bus didn't work out. I got exercise, saw things I wouldn't have seen otherwise, and saved some money! That is what I have learned from this trip. Things don't always go the way you plan - and I wasn't a big planner anyway - so don't get upset (for too long) and enjoy the surprise alternatives.

One last picture that made me laugh. To set it up. people have ingenious ways of trying to get money from you here, not unlike the USA. This was one way to possibly get money delivered to you without leaving your house! I saw this just a few doors down from where I'm staying. It was an old metal door with a slot cut in and the word "posta" written above it. Anyone who thinks this is a place to mail letters probably deserves to lose them.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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